Acoustic Sanctuary relocates to Old Sacramento

Winko in his Acoustic Sanctuary

The mobile entertainment venue, a midtown fixture for 17 years, is now in Old Sacramento. By Lance Armstrong, Valley Community Newspapers Something has been missing from the northeast corner of 22nd and J streets for the past couple months. Those familiar with the weekend scene in this area have noticed the absence of a large, … Read more

Mysterious one man band a musical surprise

Winko Ljizz, Acoustic Sanctuary

By Elizabeth DeCicco, Sacramento State Hornet On the regularly quiet corner of J and 22nd Streets at hub of Midtown, a vibrant purple-painted and box-like truck stays lit during late night hours on the weekend. Behind the purple, velvet curtain and inside this tiny pod cluttered with a full array of musical instruments known to … Read more

Harrington King takes his one-man musical world on the road

By Cathleen Ferraro, Bee Staff Writer Scene Section If you’re the last one to squeeze into Harrington King’s roving purple truck, be ready to be pulled into his musical act. Inside the vehicle – reconfigured as a nightclub – you won’t meet King. You’ll meet Winko Ljizz, his performing alter-ego. (“Winko” because he was born … Read more

Catering to the Soul with Music

Nightclub on Wheels Provides Tiny Stage for Comic Philosopher By Carlos Alcala, Bee Staff Writer Metro Section This Sacramento King is truly an irreplaceable one-of-a-kind. Harrington King’s card identifies him as the “Spiritual Optimist,” but that’s just the Cliffs Notes description of this entertainer, a man who operates out of the tiniest nightclub in town: … Read more