Winko Ljizz

the OneManBand storyteller of Old Sac

born with one eye open in 1955
grew up in the Florida panhandle
the class clown in school
came to Sacramento in 1988


infant obsession with dad’s French horn
learned ABCs at a piano
introduced to Dixieland in New Orleans


got a guitar for his 7th birthday
school music programs (Elem thru Hi)


quit high school band in 10th grade
composed for college jazz bands
gigged with various types of bands
pianist for old silent movies at Shakeys
integrated brass, reeds and strings
became a OneManBand
built and played piano-bars


built an performance trailer for OMB
gigged along the Florida gulf coast
went to covered stage on a flatbed truck
went to piano-bar in a school bus
OneManBand at a store mall
drove a step-van to Sacramento
first gig was a piano-bar in Old Sac


Owned a vegetarian juice bar with
two piano-bars (one for the OMB)
turned step-van into Acoustic Sanctuary
premiering first in Old Sac


Acoustic Sanctuary
at 22nd & J St. on weekends
17 years in the parking lot
mastered tango on bandoneon


Acoustic Sanctuary
relocated back to Old Sacramento

to collaborate with Sac History Museum.

That’s right ..he’s back again !

currently restoring a 1924 Model T truck
to use as a stage (w/ grand piano)
for era appropriate performance