Contract Form

Use form below to initiate evaluation of proposed location to determine feasibility.  We will email a link to the contract.  A signed contract and half down secures the date.

Performance: Up to three hours daily from Winko Ljizz …as OneManBand, Emcee or comedian.

Liabilities: Employer is liable for all crowd control, theft or vandalism when Acoustic Sanctuary is on site.  All performances are subject to detention by sickness, accident, civil tumult, epidemics, acts of nature, or conditions beyond the artist’s control.

Minimum Clearances for ACOUSTIC SANCTUARY:
12 ft. Tall …for trees, awnings, overhead doors
10 ft. Wide …for gates, driveways
12 ft. Long …for driveway, cul-de-sac

Fees Depend on Day of the Week:
Mon-Tue-Wed: $200 • Thur & Sunday: $300 • Fri-Sat: $400

Mileage Fee: $3 per mile beyond 95814 zip code (Old Sac) …to be determined by Google maps.


We will evaluate your location to determine feasibility.  After which, we will email you with a link for signing final contract and submitting half down payment.